We handed these coupons out to Virginians as a part of our awareness campaign. Click here for hi-res version.

Short answer: YES

Virginia has the third highest prices in the country, and just last year prices went up even more. Why? To cover a state budget shortfall. Is this America?

For more information about the history of liquor sales in Virginia, click here.

Our story

The campaign to break up the liquor monopoly in Virginia began when a group of think tank leaders from around the world came into town for a training event and discovered that there was only one place to buy liquor: the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control store. 

We thought things would be different in America.

So we started talking to Virginians and asking questions.

Did you know that even restaurants have to shop at government-controlled stores for their liquor (and pay full retail price?) Check out our interview with Blue Iguana owner, Ian Purcell.

Q: Is liquor more expensive here?